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tsarnaev, and bring him to trial if only republican legislators like lindsey graham could get out of the way, shut the you know what up and let authorities do their job, let the justice department bring him to trial in a federal court as they plan to do so. that's what is going on. the two big stories you can comment remember on all of that and a whole lot more by giving us a call at 866-55-press. join us on twitter @bpshow and on facebook at facebook/billpressshow. it is the "full court press," we're coming to you live all the way across this country, bringing you up to date on the stories of the day and giving you a chance to comment right here on current tv. ♪ 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. (vo) earth day isn't just for tre
're hearing, it was that lowest threshold. >> now, senator lindsey graham is saying there was misspelled paperwork in the form of misspelled names. which resulted in a failure to follow up these individuals. is it really possible that a simple spelling error may have caused a breakdown in the communication here? >> i -- short answer, i don't know in this case. however, i will tell you that transliteration, in particular from arabic, for example, translated to english, vice versa, at times can cause con nu confusion to the system but not a breakdown. >> the relationship between intelligence agencies here and russia and perhaps a lack of cooperation between the two. >> well, at least through my time in government, with most allied countries and even nominal allies, at the law enforcement level and intel, usually quite good. it's kind of a comrade in arms type approach. there is, however, though, martin, sometimes there are political considerations. we don't know if we have that here. but in this case, if there was something really compelling on the russian side, it brings up the question,
court. i know john mccain, lindsey graham, couple of others are pushing for that. you need a little more evidence to know whether you can do that. you really have to know, did he become part of the terrorist war against the united states? these e-mails and texts that they're discovering kind of make a pretty good case that he was part of a group that's at war against the united states. if you can make that case, then you could try him in a military court. you could try him in guantanamo bay and not have the spectacle of this trial having to take place in boston or some other place where they would change venue. >> are you sure about military court? as i understand, it was for noncitizens and for foreign nationals. >> if a citizen becomes part of the war effort against the united states -- let's take an example like this. let's take the second world war. let's say an american citizen went to germany and joined the nazi army and invaded the united states, we could try that person in a military court. now, the nature of this war is so ambiguous, you're going to get a lot of arguments as to
that or an alert like that, that immediately the fbi should have been notified about it, and senator graham brought out today that the fbi didn't know anything about it so you get back to a major problem that we have, does the left hand of government know what the right hand is doing? and if we're going to win this war on terrorism, we've got to have complete cooperation among all the departments that are involved in the war against terrorism. >> do you think the fbi did enough due diligence when they checked out tamerlan tsarnaev? it sounds like they talked to his parents. they checked out his communications, concluded that there was no threat there, but further reporting by reporters this week indicated that tsarnaev was something of an extremist at least in his views. do you think the fbi did enough in 2011? >> no, i don't think so. i think there's a lot of unanswered questions and we've got to get to the bottom of it. i hope that we do. but you get back to the very same thing. you've got to have these two departments cooperating, and when department of homeland security knew something and they
terrorism cases, some republicans in congress say that's the wrong legal path. senator lindsay graham of south carolina has said tsarnaev should be questioned by u.s. intelligence agencies and put on trial before a military commission perhaps even at guantanamo bay in cuba. the obama administration has insisted that criminal trials can be just as effective and tsarnaev is an american citizen which could complicate putting him in a military court. the next step is filing formal charges which could come within the next day or so with an initial appearance before a federal magistrate. if he's not well enough to move, that could still be done in the hospital. lest lester? >> we want to get the latest on the conditions of the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. ron allen is outside of the boston hospital where he is being treated. ron, what's the latest from there? >> reporter: good morning, lester. we're not hearing anything officially from the hospital staff here. they are deferring all questions to the fbi because this is of course an extremely sensitive manner. we believe he's in ser
's some talk in washington, senator lindsey graham among others, saying that he should be treated as an enemy combatant, at least for a time, to get as much information as they can during the investigation. what's your feeling on that? >> well, i think, first of all, you need the right facts in order to be able to charge that. the federal government is still determining what was the motive of these two young men. are they connected to anybody else? until they do that work, until we finish this investigation, that question may even be premature, unless you have a basis for it. i do think that the federal government has had a good track record in civil cases here, understanding what forum people should be in in order to get the best information. but i think we have to be confident. i am, having worked with them this week, is that they're focused on getting information they need to bring the appropriate charges. they can always be updated. and i think that they will make the right decision based upon what they know about this investigation. >> we heard from the boston police commissi
days a at the age of 104. bev, as he was affectionately known, began singing with .everend billy graham in 1943 in the following years, he would travel to every state in the union and to every -- nearly every continent on the globe to spread the gospel. he was inducted to the religious broadcasters hall of fame in february of 1996 and was also inducted into the inaugural class of the southern -- of the conference of southern baptist evangelist hall of faith in 2008. from a recent visit with him, i can tell you that such awards weren't the most important things to him in life. as i visited bev, it was a beautiful day in summer in western north carolina. he lives -- lived, i should say, right down the hill from dr. graham. . he wanted to be close to his friends and that's where he chose to live. as i noticed his pictures of his grandchildren, behind those pictures of his family, i noticed a grammy award. it was a lifetime achievement grammy award given to him in 2010.that was behind his family pictures. very intertibeautil statement from a wonrful person. 2010 when he k in was given the l
rights period. john mccain, kelly ayotte, and lindsey graham, peter king think he should be enemy come pattant to allow the feds hold him without attorney and without rights afforded being an american citizen, such as the right to remain silent and right to counsel. graham told fox news it's necessary to protect our nation. >> it would be a shame and frankly unconscionable for our nation to deny our intelligence community, f.b.i., c.i.a. and others access to this pair of suspects to find out where they went and who they know and about future plots. so that's why i've been urging the obama administration to hold him as potential enemy combatant to continue the dialogue apart from the criminal case. >> reporter: on the other hand this has potential to become a political hot potato. the service of the democratic senator carl levin says the suspect should not be held as enemy combatant and says he opportunity see the evidence that tsarnaev is part of organized group and not a legal basis for him to be held as enemy combatant. back to you. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: do the boston bom
. michael graham is arrayed talk show on the new england talk network and a columnist for the "boston herald." he said the attack made him a bostonian down to his gut and he's with me now. >> a lot of us have moved here. i've been here for eight years. i live here, love it here, i've been doing talk radio. the place i go for bloody marys, the town is right down the street. i walk my kids on a summer sunday, to see the blood there, and to know that the attack happened not when the elite runners around the world were here. they waited until the typical guy, my wife took off work some yesterday because one of her coworkers was running. that was the time when the coworkers and the amateurs arrived at the line and that's when the bomb went off. and it changed my attitude about this city. it went from the place i work and live to my town. bill: what specifically, what were the words you used? now? >> well, i said, i'm quoting jfk whose library may have been attacked. [speaking foreign language] bostonian. if you want to live in a free society and have a community event like a marathon that was att
got in terms of a note that was handed to me talking about a few senators, lindsey graham, john mccain, kelly ayotte, congressman peter king, all of whom have said this suspect based on his actions clearly is a good candidate for enemy combatant status. we do not want this suspect to remain silent. talk about that in terms of what prosecutors are doing right now. is that the path down which prosecutors and any investigators are going right now? >> well, it's unclear whether or not they're going down that path to identify and designate him as an enemy combatant but they should at least go down the path to determine whether or not that is the designation they should make for this particular person. then they should do it based on our national security, national interest to determine whether or not identifying him as an enemy combatant will actually enhance our national security and national interest. >> what about the charges? what do you expect them to be against dzhokhar. >> well, if he's not designated as an enemy combat eant he wille charged federally. the first decision has to b
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)